MI STEM is offered by Magazines International (Asia) Limited, established in Hong Kong since 1993 with over 25 years of experience in serving over 300,000 clients.  MI STEM is our latest offering by the MI Learning development group which has been offering online English learning and online Mandarin learning since 2012. MI STEM box is a high quality STEM learning kit for children to spark their creativity and ignite their passion in the STEM world of knowledge.  For your children to discover the path to the world of endless possibilities.  

Once a month, the MI STEM box is delivered to your door step, each child is looking forward to their surprise of the month. MI STEM has earned the stamp of approval by STEM Plus Limited, a company which set up STEM standard and approve STEM product for the use of Hong Kong. The booklet inside, STEMAZINE is edited by the famous STEM tutor Ms Clara Hui.  The MI STEM box contain STEM knowledge for your child to discover, to learn and to experience!